Monday, 5 March 2012

The rise of the green chile

When it comes to hot sauce, I've always been a huge fan of green tabasco. It's rich and tangy, and delivers just the right amount of heat and flavour without setting your mouth on fire.

While green tabasco is available in selected UK supermarkets (Tesco and Waitrose), you do have to hunt for it, an elusive cousin to it's original red counterpart. However, there appears to be a growing trend for the green stuff, with the launch of Discovery's ‘Green JalapeƱo Relish’. The new squeezy condiment is expected to fuel sales in the DIY Mexican meal category, and reassure the UK market that not all Mexican food has to be ridiculously spicy.

Now on sale from Ocado and Sainsburys for RRP of £2.09 (300g).

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