Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Move over Mexican for your Latin American neighbours

The rapid spread of Mexican food in the last few years has helped pave the way for its fellow Latin American neighbours. 2012 food trends predict that both Peruvian and Brazilian food are going to be the next big thing, with several ventures opening up in the capital over the coming months.
Cabana, the Brazilian grill founded by veteran restaurateurs David Pont√© and Jamie Barber, aims to do for Brazil what Wahaca has done for Mexico and already has sites in Westfield and St Giles.
Peruvian restaurants Ceviche (Frith Street) and Lima London (Fitzrovia) are both due to open this Spring. If fusion's more your kind of thing, the American chain Sushi Samba will be opening at the Heron Tower in the City, bringing together Brazilian and Peruvian with Japanese influences.

Click here to read an interview with Martin Morales, the founder of Ceviche.

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