Monday, 7 February 2011

Have a break...have a chilli chocolate Kit Kat!

There's been a fair amount of debate about the importance of regional taste/local dishes over the last few months. Back in September 2010, the National Trust employed a panel of experts to identify a number of 'endangered' tastes from across the country. To read about their results, click here.

When it comes to the latest food trends, it's all about regionalism; we're going back to basics, sourcing and eating local produce. Britain is not alone in this respect. Even in the USA, where major food chains and franchises stretch from coast to coast, there appears to be a movement shunning globalisation in favour of keeping it local. Suddenly, it's become very trendy to run a farm (watch an episode of 'A Farmers Life for Me' on the BBC), grown your own fruit and veg or have a few chickens in the back garden.

While we're all familiar with national cuisine, regional cuisine is in many ways of far greater interest. I personally find regional dishes quite fascinating as they reveal a lot about the local culture as well as taste.

How are the giant corporations to respond? There's no doubt that many tailor their products to suit the local area. McDonald's have been onto this for some time, with lobster on the menu in Maine and green chile in New Mexico. 

And so we come to the case of the Kit Kat. Now over 75 years' old, I've always thought of Kit Kat as a truly British confection and only recently discovered the number of different flavours (over 80 to date) on sale across the world. Most of the weird and wonderful are on sale in Japan, which is where the chilli Kit Kat hails from. 
However, I think Nestle are missing a trick in the UK as there's definitely a demand for chilli chocolate about a jalapeño or habañero Kit Kat? That would certainly wake up your break.

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