Monday, 19 April 2010

Kountry Kitchen, Silver City

The Gila Wilderness isn't renowned for its restaurant scene (unless you're part of the animal kingdom); the nearest restaurant is a 1/2 hour drive and even if you head all the way into Silver City, you're not spoilt for choice.

However,  don't be fooled by first impressions; there are a few good places to eat home-style Mexican food hidden in the back streets of this dusty mining town. What they lack in class they certainly make up for in character as we discovered at lunch last week at 'Kountry Kitchen'. One of the blog's readers suggested this place and despite my initial reluctance, mostly due to the spelling of the place, we thought we'd give it a go.

Well, it took some finding, a long low building, windows painted with garish bunnies and baskets full of eggs leftover from Easter, tucked behind a Harvest Christian Fellowship Center (whatever that might be). The decor on the inside wasn't much of an improvement; aquamarine and maroon walls festooned with fake flowers and pictures depicting Aztec scenes that looked like they'd been copied straight out of a children's book on Mesomerican history.

The obligatory salsa and chips arrived, accompanied by unusually tall glass bottles of coke (presumably 'hecho en Mexico'). The other diners were a mix of blue collar workers and local office types intermingled with a rather elderly crowd.

While the service was a little slow, all the orders appeared to be cooked 'to order' and was well worth the wait. Warm carnitas (shredded pork) tacos overflowed with crispy bits of fat and fresh diced jalapeno while the chicken enchiladas were full of flavour (thanks to the mix of dark and white meat) and a chile relleno came encased in a light almost pancake-like batter. My only complaint? The fact they're not open in the evenings and the excessive use of cheese on top of everything....but this is America. If you're looking for a bargain no-frills feed in Silver, then this is definitely a good place to come.

Kountry Kitchen
1500 N Hudson (main entrance off Bennett St, one block east)
Silver City

Opening hours: 8am - 6pm (8pm Friday) except Sunday
Main dishes: $5-$10

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  1. Kountry Kitchen is a great place - try the carnitas next time! If you want to try other good New Mexican places in Silver City, be sure to try Mi Casita (my favorite), Nancy's Cafe on Bullard, Jalisco's on Bullard. And if you're in a hurry, the Burritos at Don Juan's drive up on Highway 180 (Small yellow building -hard to miss)are OUT-standing!