Monday, 8 March 2010

A little taste of Latin America in London

There's no doubt that London is one of the world's leading multi-cultural cities. There's no shortage of places to eat ethnic food. While Mexican (as opposed to Tex Mex) food is a relative newcomer to the scene, there’s been a Latin American presence in London since the 1960s. Many came to the UK looking to escape the dictatorships ruling their homeland.

The Colombian community is one of the largest in town, something in excess of 100,000 inhabitants. A high number of these residents live in South London and there are a number of local shops that cater for the Latin American market.

In addition, Brixton's food markets are a great place to find produce and utensils common in South and Central America. If you fancy an arepa or an empanada, you'll find them here as well as the ingredients to make them at home.

While you may find you still need to order most Mexican groceries online (see ‘Shop Like a Mexican’ in the sidebar on the right), Latin American 'fast' food is now available across London. For example, the newly rebuilt Camden market has a whole host of stalls selling treats from Brazil, Mexico, and Columbia, including the first Venezuelan arepa stall in London, Arepa & Co.

Other places worth a look:

Las American Latin American Butcher
34 Atlantic Road, London SW9 8JW
020 7274 5533

La Bodeguita

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