Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tortilla: some very tasty tacos

In the search for London's best burrito, I found myself in the queue of the Islington branch of Tortilla yesterday lunchtime and I think I've found a winner....at least the best so far.
The menu is pretty standard for this type of place (burritos, salad and tacos with a choice of 3 fillings) and the prices around a fiver. However, there are two sizes of burrito on offer (great for those of us with a more lady-like appetite) and they do pile the meat into whatever you're having. I was also pleased to be given the option of either corn or flour tortillas for my tacos.
The downside? It's very much a grab and go operation with three communal benches for those wanting to eat in so if you want to linger over your lunch, you're better off at Chilango up the street. Even so, the food at Tortilla was very good and more to the point, better value for money.
For further details and other locations, visit the website at http://www.tortilla.co.uk/. There's also a short interview with the company's founder here.

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