Thursday, 10 December 2009

No such a thing as a free lunch...or is there?

Food waste is a hot topic at the moment, especially with Christmas (which is always a time of excess) just around the corner. According to statistics, we're guilty of wasting 25% of the food we buy here in the UK, a very sobering thought.

Next Wednesday, Trafalgar Square is hosting a modern day Feeding of the 5000 to highlight the extravagantly high levels of food waste in the UK and abroad. A combination of food campaigners and charities are going to serve lunch on a biblical scale, using food that would have been wasted due to 'cosmetic imperfections' that make it unworthy of our supermarket shelves. 

So what does this have to do with Mexican food? Well, if you haven't caught Thomasina Miers in action, now's your chance as she will be presenting a live cooking demo/masterclass. The Bishop of London will be there as well as a host of other civic and spiritual leaders and speakers from across the farming and food industries.

For further details, see
Wednesday 16th December from 12 - 2pm.

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