Saturday, 5 December 2009

Jamie v Tommi

The debate over the quality of Mexican food in the UK heated up last week following Jamie Oliver's comments at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham. Thomasina Miers retaliated via Twitter. Personally, I can see where both chefs are coming from but hey, it's all good publicity....


  1. Hi, I love your blog as it singularly devoted to something very important in my life. We have, arbitrarily and ignorantly, decided to do a Mexican Christmas here in London. Can you advise traditions/recipes etc?

  2. Hi Elizabeth

    Good for you!
    Let me refer you to the Mexgrocer site ( which has lots of info about Mexican rites around Christmas as well as traditional recipes.
    Mexican food does usually involve a fair degree of preparation but you can do most of it in advance so it's great for a gathering like Christmas.
    If you still want to cook a turkey, crumbled taco shells make a great alternative to bread crumbs in a stuffing and you could jazz up the meal with some chipotle gravy or a creamy coriander and chilli sauce.

  3. Thanks! It looks like we will probably do 2 of the following: tamales, chili rellenos, or pozole. We have pozole fairly frequently, so the other 2 might be more special.
    And I'm intrigued by other googling results which has come across a salad w pineapple, beet and pomegranate, despite finding a website with Diana Kennedy's disparaging remarks towards said salad. Or maybe we will do bacalao a la vizcaina.