Thursday, 5 November 2009

Rico Mexican Kitchen launches website

I had the opportunity to meet the founder of Rico Mexican Kitchen in Selfridges last Saturday. Marcela quit teaching a year or so ago and has been busy setting up her own business, selling fresh Mexican sauces and Selfridges is just one of the latest stockists to realise her potential. She's got big plans (we talked about getting tamales to the masses....I can't wait) and from what I sampled, I'm really impressed with what she's achieved in so little time. If you haven't got the patience to make mole from scratch, then I would highly recommend her mole poblano sauce (we currently have a pot sitting in the fridge). It's made from a base of 3 chillies (ancho, pasilla and mulato) and contains over 25 ingredients; not something you can throw together for a quick week night supper. We also love her chipotle xtra hot salsa; it's full of flavour and packs a nice punch! The current range also includes also a mild version, a salsa verde and spicy beans.
For more details about stockists etc. check out the new website - it went live about a week ago.

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  1. Hi Harriet :)
    I hope you have enjoyed the mole! I had some yesterday myself... nice and warming for a cold evening, yum