Sunday, 29 November 2009

The next big thing....twitraunts!

You've heard of twitter and you know perfectly well what a restaurant what happens when you combine the two? Why a 'twitraunt' of course!

I came across this in an article on the Independent website the other day. Apparently the latest craze to hit the West Coast, 'twitraunts' are savvy street vendors who are using twitter to proclaim their arrival at the end of your street. It's an instant means of communicating to the i-phone generation that their favourite snack is being served just round the corner. I quite like the sound of KogiBBQ, a truck that whizzes round LA delivering Korea-Mexican fusion food.

Whether this is all just a culinary fad remains to be seen but it shows what a great marketing tool twitter can be and I wouldn't be surprised to see it come to London. It's great way for a small mobile catering business to reach as many punters as possible as the latter dash out of their offices in their lunch hour. Maybe this is the future for Mr Whippy?

To read the full article, click here.

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