Monday, 9 November 2009

Mexican Food Evening at the British Museum

It was an interesting evening at the British Museum last Thursday. Chaired by Fay Maschler, the panel enthused about the delights of Mexican cuisine in front of an audience of avid listeners. I particularly enjoyed hearing Diana Kennedy speak; her regional and culinary knowledge is incredible and she speaks with real passion and authority. She has published a fair number of books on Mexican food and while I don't have any at the moment, I'll certainly be putting down one or two on my Christmas list!
One of the topics they raised was the need for Mexico to export more of its produce since it's difficult to achieve the same flavour and quality from produce grown elsewhere (all that fabulous Mexican sunshine). While we all know how hard it is to get hold of many of the ingredients used in Mexican cooking, we're also very aware of our food miles these days, something which wasn't addressed during the discussion. Thomasina Myers talked about her desire for British farmers to grow more corn etc. but it's a dilemma where we have to choose between authenticity and environmental concerns.
If you want to read more about Diana Kennedy, I found this article online. It is a little out-of-date, but nevertheless, worth reading.

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