Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Another great event at the British Museum

If you're at a loose end this Saturday, there are still places available at 'Moctezuma's Feast,' a whole day of events allowing people the chance to experience and learn about Mexican food from the Aztecs to modern day. Organised by Latin American specialist (and ex-university tutor of mine), Dr. Rebecca Earle, there'll be talks by several leading historians and food experts as well as an array of traditional Mexican food items to sample, from maize to chocolate.

Rebecca says: "What we think of today as Mexican cuisine evolved out of a combination of Aztec and European influences. This special event will provide fascinating insights into Latin American culture, showing the integral role food and eating has played in shaping history, not just in Mexico, but for people all over the world, who learned to love the chocolate, tomatoes and chillies on which Moctezuma feasted five hundred years ago."

The day is from 10.00am to 5.15pm and tickets cost £28 (£18 concessions). For the full programme, visit the British Museum website.

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