Sunday, 27 September 2009

Recipe: sweet potato bake

I'm the kind of cook that loves cutting corners, especially when I'm trying to save time and want a real plate of food, fast. One vegetable I've come to adore for this reason is the sweet potato; it makes a great alternative to the standard potato and takes much less time to cook, whether you want it baked, boiled or mashed.

As I had a little time on my hands but still wanting a no-mess dish that could cook itself, I decided to try doing a sweet potato gratin. Layered with my simple red sauce, this is a much healthier (and I would argue tastier) alternative to a straightforward potato gratin made with cream. It took less than 10 minutes to prepare, alternating thin slices of sweet potato with the sauce in a small buttered dish. Covered with foil, I cooked this in the oven on 160°c for 30 mins and uncovered for another 10-15 mins, until brown and bubbling. Served alongside some grilled turkey escalopes, it's a welcome addition to our weeknight supper repetoire.

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